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You can now perform bulk renames with this utility.

As I posted here, there was an issue with rename and that was because the way I was opening the outline.

openOutline() read-only mode was deprecated and now there are 3 options to open an outline

openOutline(boolean, boolean, boolean)
openOutline(boolean, boolean, boolean, boolean)

I was using the first option openOutline(true) – write mode and keep data in restructure. restructureCube(IEssCube.EEssRestructureOption.KEEP_ALL_DATA) it was removing the data with rename.

They was to set keepTrans to true, from the API guide

keepTrans – true to keep transactions. 
If you are opening an existing outline to make changes (readOnly == false), and you intend to restructure the cube and keep data,we recommend that you set this flag to true. When true, a log is kept of activities done to the outline. 
If you are starting from an empty outline or are not planning on saving data when you restructure, we recommend that you set this field to false. 
When false, no log is kept, saving time and memory.

Note: Take a backup of your outline and data before performing the operations

How it works

Before Rename

The data that you all remember (from our very old Sample Basic)

Create a file in the below format


Run the utility with following options

You’ll see a similar output.

After Rename

I’ve not included the support for renaming the members in formula. You’ll have to do that manually. The tool will generate an exception if there is a validation error.

You can download the utility from here.

Download Now

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